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Monday, May 29, 2006


Luke at work

As you should know by reading this blog, Luke is in Edmonton for the summer working as part of an internship.
Here's a LINK to the blog of the Cargo & James' owner. There's a post and picture about Luke!

Friday, May 26, 2006


They call me a working man

Well it is getting close to the end of my 4th day working for Cargo & James Tea company here in Edmonton. In case you weren't aware, I am doing a summer long marketing internship with the company, which will entail marketing the Whyte Ave location as much as possible, as well as taking on the managerial responsibilities for the summer time.

I am getting to drink a lot of tea, as I need to try all the different types of tea. We have a few less than 100 different types of tea, and I am nowhere near close yet, but I've probably had 15 or so.

I have a really good staff working for me, and the location is wonderful. I am still getting used to the operational side of the store, and learning how to make all the different drinks we sell (I make a mean Chai Latte).

I am living with the Jones', and having a lot of fun there. Especially since the Oiler's are doing so well in the playoffs (other than the loss last night). GO OILERS!!!

If you have any marketing ideas for a tea shop, let me know!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Joy of Spring

One of the most beautiful times of the year, spring is in full bloom and the weather is gorgeous. My big project this summer will be trying to keep the weeds down in the 8-10 flower/garden beds I have at this new house. Every day I try to pull a few weeds, but it's a daunting task. One thing I find is with all the flowers and plants - it's a joy to be in the back yard. It's very peaceful and beautiful there. With my swing, water fountain and garden knick knacks, it makes it a very pleasant place to enjoy.

Every day I find another new plant that I didn't know I had. Last night it was the opening of a sunflower flower. Can't wait to see what else will come up. I do plan to buy some seeds and try to grow some more leaf lettuce, carrots and tomatoes. We'll see if that turns out!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


College Days are here again..........

It's official! Warner Southern College has advised me that they will accept all of my transfer credits from Gardner College! WOOHOO! I'm going back to school to finish what I started more than 20 years ago. Having our family grown up now gives me a chance to do something for me. I will be working towards completing a degree in Organizational Mangement through their online program. I haven't decided on a major yet. I'm seriously considering Human Resources as it's an area I'm very interested in. You can visit the college at I will have to complete approximately 24 courses - and they tell me I can finish in 18 months. That's if I can afford it and if I never take a break! :) I'll need you prayers as I try to juggle work and school. I still have some letters to obtain and an essay to write before I can begin. I'm not sure if I'll start right away or wait till the fall. God is good all the time! All the time God is good!


Summer Plans

Well, as some of you may have heard, I have summer employment!

I was looking for an internship in marketing for the summer, and I thought what better place to look than Edmonton, so after some searching for some businesses based in Edmonton I sent in my resume to a few places. One such place was Cargo & James Tea, I sent an email to them asking who I should talk to about applying for a summer internship in marketing. I received a response saying that they didn't normally have interns but I had stirred their interest. I told them a little bit more about myself, and after talking on the phone and exchanging some emails, we both seemed quite excited about the possibilities of me doing an internship with them this summer, and so while in Edmonton for the afternoon last week I stopped by there store on Whyte Ave and met with the owner. We talked about some more of the details and decided to go ahead with the internship. My duties will be to manage the Whyte Ave store location from the perspective of marketing.

I got a cup of tea while there, it was a Chai, and it was the best tea I have ever had. So if you are in Edmonton this summer, come and stop by, say hi, and get some delicious tea.

As well, once I have some time, I am planning on putting up a number of pictures from my China trip, so watch for those within the next week or so.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Wedding Event of the Year !

What a beautiful day for a lovely wedding uniting Darryl & Lori in marriage! Andrew keeps saying, "Mom, Auntie Lori's married!" We had a fabulous time. It's the best wedding I've ever been to. It could be the crazy young men dancing like there's no tomorrow, or that my whole family got to be together. Whatever it was, it turned out fabulous. None of us wanted to leave the reception or for the day to end. We had so much fun and it was great to finally meet Darryl's parents and siblings and especially Evan who is so very precocious. What a wonderful chance to get to know his family a little better. We had a great time together and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Joys of Living by an Open Field

Andrew opened the front door to take Lloyd's suitcase to the car last night and lo and behold there was a dead rat on the front porch. Probably brought to us by one of the neighbor cats, the rat was in rigor mortis and face up with legs spread. Pretty ugly.


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