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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


New Job

I started my new job today with Target Corporation. The next eight weeks are primarily training, both in a classroom setting and shadowing someone in the position I will be in.

I found out I will be an Executive Team Leader in Hardlines, which means I will be in charge of a section of the store that will contain such items as electronics, hardware, stationary, furniture, sporting equipment, or linens, etc.

This first day of my new job makes me very excited to get started, learning this new position, and learning more about the company.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Moving the boys

If you're going to have change, you might as well go all out and do as much change as possible! At least that's how we are doing things.

This move is not simply a family move to Washington. Our family is actually going into three different directions: Kathy and I to Yakima, Luke to an apartment in Fresno, Jonathan to another apartment in Fresno, and Andrew staying with a friend and his family in Hanford until mid-August. As result things things are chaotic around here as we all divide up our stuff and prepare it for moving.

HERE are some pictures of Luke's new apartment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Graduation and Growing Up

As you have undoubtedly read, I have officially earned a college degree. My degree is a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with my option in Marketing. My two graduation ceremonies went well, the Business Convocation was on Friday and the University Commencement was on Saturday.

I have also moved completely out of the dorms, as of a few hours after graduation on Saturday. Almost all of my belongs are in my apartment now, and I have set up the utilities and the Internet connection for our apartment. If you are interested in finding out my address, please feel free to let me know and I will send it to you.

This week I will be spending time with my Mom and Dad and Andrew, before my parents move up to Washington and I will not get as many chances to see them. I start my new job on Tuesday, May 29th.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Graduation Party

As the final activity in Luke's graduation celebration we held a party Sunday at the new Freedom Park in Hanford (just a few blocks from our house). About 20-30 people came out on a beautiful day to congratulate Luke and enjoy good food!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Luke Moritz, BS

Yesterday and today we were excited to celebrate Luke's graduation from California State University Fresno with a Bachelor of Science degree (honors) from the Craig School of Business. He graduated with a major in marketing, and with the designation magna cum laude because of his excellent grades. We are very proud of his achievement after four years of hard work!

For those of you unable to attend the Business School ceremony yesterday or the University Commencement today you can see a few photos HERE.

And, you're still invited to the party tomorrow!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Family photos

I made it back to California last night in order to make final preparations for our big move. We have many things to do in these last two weeks, one of them was to get family photos taken since it will be rare for all five of us to be together in coming months. I will eventually get more of the pictures from our photo shoot posted, but here's a sample of what resulted...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Almost the end

Today I finished the last few items of business I still needed to take care of academically before I graduate. I took my one final (which happened to be just gravy for my grade/mark, so it was completely stressless), handed in another take home final (which was just checking off one box saying that I didn't want to take the final), and I turned in my thesis.

Next is my two graduation ceremonies and I will be completely finished with university.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Big Changes - Update

Well, Saturday night Andrew got a call from his friend Kory, that his mom and step-dad will let him stay there this summer. That way Andrew can continue working at the Hanford Target and spend more time with his friends here. We feel so blessed.

We thought we had Yoshi looked after also as Luke planned to take him to his new apartment, alas, his roommate didn't agree - so we are looking for a home for our dear sweet dog. Any takers?

Friday, May 04, 2007


Big Changes

Well, as the rest of my family has already blogged, we are in for some big changes. Now we are divvying up all the furniture for the boys. The only thing there has been any argument over is the BBQ - but this also may be worked out. It's good to see things coming together! If only Andrew could find a place to stay for the summer and Jonathan could sell his truck.


Done with school...Sweet summer time.

I am finally done with my first year at Fresno Pacific University. This past week was finals week and now I am free. I really loved this year at school. I met so many new people and it was just a lot of fun to be away from home for the first time (sorry Mom and Dad). I think I did alright in all of my classes. I passed them all at least. Something exciting that did happen this semester was that my Experimental Psychology Research Project won "Best in Category" at the undergradutate research day we had here on Campus. So all the hard work for that paid off nicely.

Next year since my parents are moving to far away places I got an apartment with 5 of my good friends for next year. It is kinda cool, it makes me feel like I am really growing up.

In a couple of more months (July 2 to be exact) I will be leaving to South Africa for a 6 week mission trip. I am very excited about it. We will be assisting a missionary family there with a women's and children's ministry, building part of a church and teaching English. The only bad part is it is going to be really expensive to go. I would really appreciate all of your prayers for this trip and if anybody wants to donate to my trip that would be such a huge help.

I think that is all that is happening in my life right now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


New home in Yakima

Those of you following the saga of our lives will be interested to learn that Kathy and I officially now have a place to live in Yakima when we get there June 1st. It's a nice little house that should work well just for the two of us until such time that we figure out where and what we want in our new city.

Contact us via e-mail for the new address.


I donated blood again

While this may not sound that exciting, but it is. I was able to donate blood again this morning, after a little over a year without being allowed to donate.

As you probably are aware, I spent a little over a week in China last year, and apparently that is one of the countries that if you go there they won't let you donate blood for an ENTIRE year after returning.

So for the past year I have been sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting to donate blood again, because before my trip to China I had not missed a blood drive at my University. I found out that donating today made it my 13th time donating in California. 8 donations is a gallon, so I am supposed to go in to get some kind of prize for the gallon. I have actually given 14 times though, because I donated once in Edmonton before moving to California.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


My new apartment

Today I signed the lease on my new apartment!

I will be taking possession of the apartment on May 9th, which is the last day of classes before I graduate. It's in a complex called North Creek Apartments.

For the summer, I will be living with my good friends Tim and Chris who have been roommates of mine in College. At the end of the summer, Chris will be moving to Washington D.C. for his job, and Andrew and his friend Kory will be moving into the apartment for the school year.

The apartment has 3-bedrooms and 2-baths and is 1058 sq. ft. It is floorplan #4 and I was told today that we will have a bottom floor location, and it will have brand-new carpets and paint, because the previous tenants had been there for 5 years, so all that stuff will be replaced.

Click here to see a map of where the apartment is compared to Fresno State.

Feel free to come visit us at our new place!


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