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Monday, January 29, 2007



Carol & I were in a collision this morning. No one was really hurt - she rear-ended a small pick up truck - no real damage to either vehicle. I have a sore neck and hit my knee on the dash, my coffee cup went flying out of my hands, but my glasses stayed on my face! It’s foggy and there was a bus pulled over to the side, the flashers were not on, but the truck slowed and then realized it was a bus and braked really hard, Carol didn’t see it until we were almost on top of his bumper, of course I couldn’t say anything fast enough to help her respond quicker and by the time I said something she had realized it and braked too. I was surprised the airbags didn’t go off as I thought we were doing about 30mph – but I could be wrong. We are so thankful to God that there were no serious injuries or damages done.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


No News is Good News!

Since you’ve not heard from me since my San Antonio post and I’ve been home for almost two weeks, I thought it might be time to update you on what’s been happening around Hanford. I’ve been spending most of my time reading for my Business Law class. It is at times very interesting and other times quite tedious.

The boys are back in school and busy with their lives. Andrew and I enjoy the few times we get to see each other. We do usually try to have dinner together before he goes to school or work (depending on the day). I spend most evenings doing homework and talking to Lloyd. We are fortunate to be able to Skype and use our webcams so we can see one another pretty much on a daily basis. God is good! Lloyd's next visit will be February 7-14th and we're all looking forward to being together again.

Last Sunday evening Luke and I drove to Visalia to see Randy Stonehill in concert. It was great to hear him again after many, many years (last time was before Luke was even born).

Friday, January 26, 2007


Whats new?

Well this past week I got a promotion at work. I am now a Campus Safety Officer. I get my own set of keys for the entire school, handcuffs, pepper spray and a lot of responsibility. Who knows what they were thinking...? But yeah I get paid more and will get more hours so my income will be boosted a bit.

I went to my first meeting yesterday, for the South Africa missions trip I will be going on this summer. I got a lot of information and an application. The team I will be going with will be meeting once a week for bible studies, as well as we will be doing a lot of fund raising together. I am very excited for this opportunity, and I am hoping this semester goes by really quick so I can go sooner.

Thats about all that is new right about now.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I feel so old

This morning was a big moment for me. I applied for graduation.

I wrote a $35 check and filled out a two page application, and as long as I pass my last few courses, I will be receiving my diploma/degree at the end of the semester.

The application is basically to notify the University that I have finished/will be finishing all my requirements for graduation after this semester, and they should consider me for the degree towards which I have been working. It's mostly just a formality, but it does make me feel old, and it brings home the fact that I am soon coming to the end of my college career.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


San Antonio photos

Kathy has already posted on our trip to San Antonio last week, but you click on this LINK to see a few photos from our time there.


San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a wonderful place to visit. They have the beautiful Riverwalk, which they call the Venice of Texas. The riverboat ride along the canals illuminates the many restaurants and shops available to enjoy.

A trip to San Antonio is not complete without a visit to the Alamo. This is the famous fort/mission that was the subject of a 13 day conflict in which all Texans were lost.

You can check out the Visitor's bureau at

Luke dutifully drove me to the airport at 5:30 in the morning. Lloyd and I arrived (him from Seattle, me from Fresno) on Tuesday the 9th and had an authentic Mexican experience at Pico de Gallo complete with a Mariachi band. They even sang a Mexican rendition of Happy Birthday to someone close to our table. That was good enough for me! On Wednesday, I spent the day doing homework, sitting at the pool reading and trekking through the Marketplace (the 2nd largest Mexican market outside of Mexico). Lloyd and I then walked downtown to Rivercenter Mall where we enjoyed dinner at Tony Roma's.

Thursday was a day to explore San Antonio as Lloyd had no meetings. We walked and walked and walked visiting the Riverwalk, Aztec Theater, The Alamo, Rivercenter Mall and more. Lunch was a throwback to our Edmonton days at Fuddruckers and dinner was for all of the Area Administrators and spouses held at Texas Land & Cattle - a wonderful steak house. Friday was our last full day and Lloyd again had meetings. The spouses met during the morning and had a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer. Then in the afternoon, 7 of us went shopping to the Quarry Market - a huge big box shopping area. Friday night we grabbed Roger Chamberlain, the Area Administrator from Central California and went to dinner at Luby's a Texas chain which is a cafeteria. The food and fellowship was again just great!

Saturday morning was the last of Lloyd's meetings and I packed did homework and tried to find out what was happening with my cancelled flight out of San Antonio. There were many delays out of Dallas (where I was flying to) due to freezing rain. It all worked out, I was only about 5 minutes later than my scheduled arrival in Fresno.

Jonathan picked me up at the airport and drove me home - in his car without heat. That was fun, considering it was only about 25 degrees outside (farenheit). Brrrrrrrrr.

It was a great trip and we really had a nice and relaxing time together. Next year it will be in St. Augustine, FL. YAHOO!


Europe, Birthday, School

So I got back a week or so ago from Europe. I know Luke wrote about it so you all know mostly what we did and where we went. I just wanted to say that I had sooo much fun and it was such a good experience. If you havent been over there yet, I think you should. It is awesome.
I turned 21 back on the 6th, I celebrated my birthday over in Munich. Now I feel really old. I still feel like a teenager but I am not and I feel like an old man when I think of my age.
I started my second semester up here at FPU the day after we got back from Europe. I am taking a lot more psychology classes and they are going to be pretty interesting. I am excited for them, alhtough they are going to be very challenging.
I am planning on going on a missions trip this summer, probably to South Africa. So that is something that will be taking up a lot of my time (planning and fund-raising for that).
Well that is the low-down on whats happening with me right now. Any questions feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from you all.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Seattle 07

Well, last week I had the pleasure of accompanying my dad to his home in the metropolis of Seattle. It was a fun 5 days of relaxation and time to spend with my dad. We explored much of the city and had a good time.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Christmas Tree Bonfire

It was that time of the year again, when many people are taking down their Christmas trees. My roommate Sean has a yearly tradition of a Christmas bonfire at his house in Visalia. He lives a little bit outside of Visalia in a rural area, and he collects anywhere between 3 to 7 dry Christmas trees, and we burn them in a ritualistic bonfire. The flames easily shoot up 15 to 20 feet from the ground, and the flames are intensely hot. Last night, Sean held this event, and we burnt about 6 Christmas trees. Picture below features my roommate Sean warming his bottom. Picture thanks to Miles.

(Click to enlarge)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Back Home

Jonathan and I are finally back on American soil, and it feels good to be back home, even though parts of us still want to be back in Europe exploring different cities.

Since I last sent in an update, we left Leipzig on a train heading towards Weimar. We took the opportunity in Weimar to see the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. For me, it was my third time there, and as the first two times had been it is a very somber event, as well as being very eye opening. After the camp, we headed out of Weimar on the train headed to Frankfurt where we walked to our hostel and spent the night. In the morning we walked back to the train station where we met up with Jesse who is friends with one of the guys who came along to Europe. He has been living near Dusseldorf the last couple of months, and it was great to have someone without perfect German to talk to in German and practice. From Frankfurt we caught the train to Rothenburg ob der Tauber where we spent a few hours walking through this picturesque medieval town. We had a classic Bavarian dinner here, and afterwards caught the train and headed towards Munich, our final destination.

We had been in Munich at the beginning of the trip, but only for about an hour. We arrived and checked into our hostel. We walked around a bit more throughout the central area of the city, and finally called it a night. The next day we bought a day-pass for the train system, and took the S-Bahn up to the Munich Olympic park, where we walked around a bit, as well as took in the BMW museum, which is a very good price. After this we went back to the hostel, and from there took the train down to a very large cemetery which we found on the map. We walked through the cemetery for about an hour and a half, as they can be very interesting to see, especially the really old ones. From here we went back to the hostel and met a group from Minnesota who has in the middle of a year-long study abroad program in Birmingham, England. We invited them to join us for dinner, and we all headed for the Paulaner Brewery Restaurant for dinner. After dinner we went back to the hostel and hung out for the rest of the evening, waiting until midnight to ring in Jonathan's 21st birthday. Next day we woke up and did some exploring around Munich, including the Hof Garten, the Rathaus (with a lifesize cuckoo clock), some shopping, and another cathedral (at which we caught the end of a German mass). That being Jonathan's birthday, we decided to have dinner at the Hofbrauhaus, which is one of the best experiences in Munich. It is the touristy beerhall with oompahpah bands playing, and big wooden tables, etc. We got a table with our new friends from Minnesota and ate some good German food (I had the Spaetzle). Before we left we did some polka dancing in front of the band, as well as heard a rendition of Happy Birthday polka style for Jonathan. We walked back to the hostel, and tried to get a good night's rest before we had to wake up at 5:00am the next day to leave and catch our flight.

We left the hostel, took the U-Bahn train to the airport, and left on our planes for home. Jonathan and I flew from Munich to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to San Francisco, getting to fly on a Boeing 747 on the long flight to the USA (Jonathan's first 747). Unfortunately no Business Class upgrade this time, but we survived.

One thing I really enjoyed about this trip as compared to my other trips is that I was forced (and sometimes I just did it for fun) to speak more German, and I feel my German really improved from this trip, and I have gotten the urge to practice and improve my German on my own now that I am back.

Stay tuned for a highlight of my photographs from the trip.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


In Leipzig

From Luke:
Another update from Europe!
We just finished our visit in Leipzig. It was fantastic, we stayed with the Nickel`s for two nights. They were wonderful hosts, and provided us with some of the best and definitely biggest meals so far on our trip. We took them out for dinner last night as thanks for the wonderful hospitality. They chose a nice traditional German restaurant in Markranstädt where they live (just outside of Leipzig). The portions were huge, and the prices were not bad either. Three of us (including myself) ordered the Ast-Schnitzel. Eckhard warned us that it was a large serving, but nothing prepared me for what was on the plate when the server brought the food into the room. The schnitzel (basically breaded pork) was between 1\2 and 1 inch thick and larger than my face. The meal also included cauliflower (blumenkohl), I thought a few pieces of cauliflower might be on the plate. It was an entire head of cauliflower, and not just a normal size one, it was GIGANTIC. Both the cauliflower and the potato that came with it were cooked. None of us who ordered this could finish the food.
Earlier yesterday we went to Wittenberg and checked out some of the Martin Luther historical sites, including the church on which he nailed his 95 theses, and his house in which he lived. We had a big lunch in Wittenberg, we all got a good size pizza and a drink for a good price.
We are in the Leipzig train station right now waiting for our train that will be taking us to Weimar and to the Buchenwald Concentration camp, after which we will be heading to Frankfurt for the night. More updates to follow!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year! from Europe

From Luke:

It is already 2007! Since I have last updated you we've been through much of Paris, getting to see the Louvre (getting in for free!), Notre Dame (as well as two other Cathedrals, even taking in a mass in one of them). We ate a lot of baguettes and cheese while in Paris, as well we even had some escargot in a cafe along the Seine River. We took an overnight train the other night and arrived in Berlin yesterday for New Year's Eve. We walked through a bit of the city, and celebrated New Year's last night by the Reichstag. It was one crazy party, everyone throughout the city was setting off their own fireworks, and the streets were the most crowded I've ever seen anyplace before. After some more sightseeing in Berlin we are heading to Leipzig and then down to Rothenburg.


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