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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Surviving Seattle

I've almost been here in Washington for one entire month. Getting settled in my new job has actually been quite enjoyable and energizing. Being away from my family sucks. And, putting up with Seattle's packed freeway traffic on occasion is far from fun.

But, the most challenging part of being here is the weather. Yes, I expected it to be different (i.e. wetter and cooler than California), but I didn't expect to be part of one of the worst weather months in Seattle's history!

That's right. Sure, it rains in Seattle, but typically only a light drizzle. This month the heaven's really opened. In fact, we received more rain in one month than ever before in recorded history. The old record was broken weeks ago!

And then this past weekend the weather turned unusually cold, resulting in the precipitation to be expressed in snow. Lot's of it! Things have been virtually shut down for several days now. Some churches cancelled services on Sunday. Most schools have been closed for the past three days. Even Microsoft shut down their campus for a day. Compared to what I endured in Edmonton for many years the snow and cold are really not that bad, but the real culprit is ice. The roads are slick, and because of all the hills around Seattle things can be treacherous.

Things are supposed to warm up Friday (December 1st) so hopefully I will get to experience the real (and less harsh) Seattle winter climate.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Thanksgiving in Seattle

As Kathy has already posted, we celebrated U.S. Thanksgiving in Seattle. Unfortunately, Andrew had to work and couldn't make the trip, but Kathy, Luke and Jonathan made the 15 hour driving journey and spent almost three full days together. It was an opportunity for them to see the house I live in, and to do some sightseeing in the Seattle area and to go over the Cascade mountains for a brief trip to Eastern Washington. I enjoyed having them here, and look forward to when I can be there for a longer period at Christmas.

CLICK HERE for some pictures.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving from Seattle

The only thing that would have made this Thanksgiving better would have been to have Andrew here with us. It is lovely here in Seattle. We have had little rain since our arrival. Yesterday we traveled over the mountains and through a winter wonderland to the Yakima valley where we showed the boys a couple of areas we are considering moving to. There are many decisions yet to be made, but I'm feeling more like I want to move up here now than I did before. It's not that I didn't want to be here, I'm just sick of moving! I'm looking forward to living here and enjoying the beautiful trees and mountains and valleys. It really is spectacular.

Today we will get back on the road and begin our journey back to California. The roads tend to be very busy this weekend, so please keep us in your prayers that we would have a safe and uneventful return home.

Luke drove the most miles on the way up and did a marvelous job. Jonathan decided he didn't want to drive at all. So we stuck him in the back seat! It was nice to travel together and see the countryside. I'm enjoying the road trip more and more. I think it's easier now that the kids are grown up.

Love to all!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


School Update

I am in week 4 of 4 in my Organizational Dynamics class and so far have kept a perfect score 155/155 possible right now. This last week of the class will be tough as we travel to visit Lloyd in Seattle for Thanksgiving. But, I will manage. My next class, Managing Change & Diversity begins next Sunday. I've really been enjoying my classes however I'm a bit stuck with my Math class right now, trying to figure out logic. Doesn't seem very logical to me!

Pray for Luke, Jonathan and I as we travel to Seattle. We are leaving Tuesday evening and arriving Wednesday evening. It's about a 17 hour drive through a couple of mountain ranges (we're stopping for the night). We will leave again on Saturday evening and arrive back in Hanford/Fresno on Sunday evening.

Pray for Andrew as he'll be home alone, working and spending time with Amber's family for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


In Philly - Part 3

Today was our last full day in Philadelphia. We started with a good hearty continental breakfast, then off to our first seminar for the day. After the seminar we walked over to the most historic square mile in the United States. Most specifically we were going to check out the Liberty Bell. We went into the Liberty Bell Center, which we had to go through security to get in. It was pretty interesting to see it, and probably the most surprising thing was that it wasn't behind more security. Other than the metal detectors to get into the building, the Liberty Bell itself was only behind a short medal fence to keep people far enough away. Without even reaching as far as I could, I could have easily touched the bell. I refrained though, as I wasn't sure if I would be rushed and thrown to the ground by some security guard. Got lots of pictures though.

After seeing the Liberty Bell, we walked down to South Philly towards the Italian Market for lunch. We found a nice little pizza place to get our pizza fix. This place was right near Pat's and Geno's, so if we were still hungry we could have gotten another great Philly Cheese Steak. After lunch we walked back up towards the convention center through Antique Row which was a very neat street. (I find myself saying that a lot about different streets here in Philadelphia).

We got back to our hotel, I locked myself in my room to watch the Michigan - Ohio State game (poor Michigan, all I have to say is Michigan still better make the BCS National Championship Game). After that, we all headed down to the Independence Brew Pub for some dinner.


In Philly - Part 2

Another full day here in Philadelphia. We started the day by heading over to the Mariott Convention Center and had some Continental Breakfast. We attended a couple of sessions and talks, including a really good one titled "Freedom of the Press or Right to Privacy?" Arthur Miller (not the Author) was the one who did that, and he is a very good speaker.

After lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, we took a bus over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You may have seen that building in such movies as Rocky. This museum is home of the steps that Rocky climbs up (the famous ones) when he is training. We didn't go in the museum, just to the steps.

We came back to the convention center, went to another session, and went back to our hotel. We walked down through China town, and had some Chinese food for dinner, and afterwards continued walking down to the National Constitution Center for an event put on there for our conference. It was very interesting as they have lots of information about the constitution.

More later!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


In Philly - Part 1

I am here in Philadelphia! I am having a blast too.

We arrived in Philadelphia yesterday at around 4:00pm local time. Our plane left Fresno at 6:00am, which meant waking up at about 4:00am. Needless to say yesterday was a fairly long day. We took a taxi into the center city, and checked in to our hotel right across the street from the Convention Center. We went to a little cafe across the street and I had a Slouvaki (the cafe was run by some Greeks, so I figured I would get some more authentic cuisine).

Woke up this morning, and we went to our first couple of events of the conference. We did some break-out sessions with some other students in honors programs around the country, sharing things that our honors programs do that we felt were innovative. After this we attended the Welcome and Opening event. Then around 11:30am we left the convention center and walked around central Philadelphia in conjunction with the City as Text event, where you explore different parts of the city to learn more about it.

We wanted to have authentic Philly Cheese Steaks so we first walked about 1.3 miles (almost 2 km) to Pat's King of Steaks and we had some amazing and authentic steak sandwiches for lunch. It was REALLY good. Better than I was even expecting. I ordered a provolone mushrooms wit. At these really popular places there is strict and certain protocol for ordering Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. Similar to the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, where if you order incorrectly you have to leave your place in line (fortunately at this place you could get back in line, at the back though). The place works like clockwork, and my sandwich was made fresh in probably less than 20 seconds.

On our way back to the convention center we walked through Olde City Philadelphia, which was very interesting. We also walked by the Philadelphia Korean War Memorial and the branch of the United States Mint in Philadelphia.

All in all it was a very fun and exciting day. One major observation I made is that Philadelphia (and possibly therefore other East Coast cities) are a lot more like Europe than what I am used to in Western US and Canada. This is a great time to visit the city too, the leaves are falling, and it isn't really that cold yet. (Only a little rain today)

I will continue reporting on my trip, so stay posted!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Sleepless in Seattle

Don't worry. I'm getting enough sleep, but not everyone around here is.

As you've probably heard, the Seattle area has been hit with excessive amounts of rain in the last week, and there is considerable flooding. (If no one would have told me that this is alot of rain I would have just considered it normal because of my perceptions of all the rain this area gets). But, even for the rainy pacific northwest, this has been a very wet period - one of the worst on record.

Apart from what I have seen on TV, I haven't seen any flooding, etc. I am staying near the top of the hill in Edmonds so in my world things don't appear that bad. Most of the problems are near rivers and closer to the mountains.

The good news is that the rain has let up. Today was sunny, with very few clouds until later in the day.

Not as warm as Hanford, but sure beats Edmonton weather.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm a GREAT Aunt!

For the first time, I became a great Aunt today! My youngest nephew Jeff and his wife Jocelyn welcomed Bryson into the world at 11:08 this morning. He is a very healthy 10 lbs. 7oz. and 21" and has a head full of dark hair! Congratulations to my brother Ken and his wife Virginia who are now grandparents!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Education Update

I've received my first grade for my first "officially credited course": A or 99.5% YAHOO! I've done only one math quiz, 8/11 and my mid-term is this week so I should have a better idea of my grade later. I am into my second week of my Organizational Dynamics course (my first business course - the other ones are general education classes). Out of a possible 35 points on assignments from the first week that have been marked/graded I have 35! So this class is off to a very good start as well! It is really time consuming to do 6 weeks worth of classes every week, but with Lloyd gone, it keeps my mind away from missing him too much. God works all things together for good to those who love the Lord. (Kathy's paraphrase).

Sunday, November 05, 2006


A suggestion if you are bored

Ok, so if by chance you get a little bored, and you don't have enough things to do, I would encourage you to check out a blog I have started, and will probably only be keeping it up for the rest of the month. The site is here.

Basically, I am not shaving for the entire month of November, and I am keeping a journal of sorts as to my experiences. It's pretty fun, you might like it, but of course no promises.


I'm in Washington

Just to let everyone know that I am now in Washington, having begun my new position with the Pacific Northwest Association of the Church of God. I arrived Wednesday, but since then it has been a whirlwind of activity trying to get settled in a new (but temporary) home, a new job, and initial meetings that took place this weekend.

My goal was to post photos, but upon arrival I discovered that our digital camera is now toast. So, although I will have access to another camera in a few days, you will have to do without pictures for the time being.

I am staying in the parsonage of the Edmonds Church of God (Edmonds is a suburb just north of Seattle). Their house has been sitting empty, so they graciously offered it to me until I determine the location for permanent housing. Our office is also temporarily housed at the Edmonds church.

I will post more updates here as time goes along, and as I said watch for photos soon.


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