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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Time to Blog

It's time for me to blog again, but I really haven't had any time to blog!

I've been extra busy with work. Last week alone from Monday to Friday we held 11 training days for teachers. I've been going in at 6:30 am to get everything prepared and it's been tiresome, to say the least.

I've still managed to keep up with my grades and maintaining my A average! Which has surprised me considering the lack of time and energy I've had to devote to it.

We are busy working with our Shaklee team for the month of September & October in a joint effort called Team Up. We are working together to help them to achieve their goals. It's been great getting together and talking every week.

October will slow down for me somewhat and I am starting to turn my thoughts toward Christmas!

Saturday, September 29, 2007



As a "grown-up" part of my responsibilities is making sure that my living area is kept clean. (As I no longer have my mom and dad to keep on my case about my room or the kitchen, or what not. So today I made another jump into adulthood and bought a vacuum. I was VERY tempted earlier today to get a Dyson, cause I found one that was regularly $499 on sale for $289 which is rare in itself because Dyson NEVER goes on sale. I eventually decided against a Dyson, and just bought this one for about $40 (remember, I get a Target discount).

I haven't put it together yet, but when I do tomorrow, I just hope its everything I'm hoping it to be.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My new bed and car

I don't actually have a new bed or a new car for that matter, I'm still using the same futon and driving the same car that I had when I moved into my apartment.

During my trip to Sacramento last month I got to test drive the car I am planning on buying within the next six months as well as update the look of my bed.

As I may have mentioned on here previously, I am planning on purchasing a Smart Car. I first saw these cars in Europe 4 1/2 years ago and fell in love with them almost immediately. I decided I was going to buy one when they finally came to the United States. Well I found out a while back that Mercedes Benz is planning on bringing them to the US in the first quarter of 2008. I've already put down my $99 deposit, and I will be placing my order soon. If you are unfamiliar with the Smart Car, it is a TINY two seater car with a 3-cylinder engine. If you would like to see the model I am getting click here. I am planning on getting mine in yellow with the trim in black.

This is a picture of one of the Smart Cars at the test drive in Sacramento (not the one I test drove). The test drive was set up at a Whole Foods parking lot. (Click on picture to see full-size)

This is me 4 1/2 years ago in Germany standing next to a Smart Car. You can't really see my face, but if you could you would be able to see the love. (Click on picture to see full-size)

While in Sacramento, I also stopped in at the Ikea there. Along with a few things for the apartment, I bought a comforter for my bed and a comforter sheet set. I finally put them on my bed last week because it is starting to cool down here. The comforter is rated on the cooler side of the spectrum, but it is very thick and fluffy, and keeps me very nice and warm at night. Almost to a fault, because I end up hitting my snooze button a few times in the morning instead of getting out of bed because the bed is so comfortable. The following is a picture of the comforter cover and pillow cases. It is a brown/white polka dot theme.

(Click on picture to see full-size)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Blood Donation

I decided to donate blood today because I hadn't done it all summer long. When I was allowed to donate blood, I donated at every single blood drive that was held at Fresno State. Now that I no longer attend Fresno State and have the regular blood drives announced to remind me when I should be giving blood, I have to make time on my off days. Fortunately I work right across the street from the main blood clinic in Fresno, and I live just down the street from the other blood center location in the city. So I am never that far from giving up a pint of blood.

Anyways, this morning I headed over the blood center, and donated blood. The Phlebotomist was one of the worst I've ever had. She stuck the needle into my arm (the process I always make sure to watch) and she must have missed the vein, because no blood came through the pipes. She then started to move the needle around inside my arm trying to get it in the right location. When I took my bandage off later today I noticed I have a good amount of bruising at the extraction site. I've never really had this much bruising before. The other thing I'm also a little bitter about is that they did not have any pink bandages with which to wrap up my arm. I always get pink, except for today, I had to get blue.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


In Edmonton

Kathy and I had the opportunity this past weekend to make a quick and eventful trip to Edmonton. It was a great time to visit family and friends, especially for Kathy who hasn't been here for any significant length of time for over three years.

Now that we live closer it's much easier to make the trip!

You can view some of our photos HERE.


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