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Friday, July 25, 2008


My New Car

Check out my full blog post about my new car that I got this week.

I love it so much, and it is so fun to drive. If you ever come to visit you can get a ride in it.

Monday, July 07, 2008


News from Jonathan

We have just over a week left here in Germany. The time has been flying by so fast. On Friday the team and I went to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and saw the Wittenberg door and toured Luther's home. It was a nice day to finally get out of Berlin and experience some very important history that has directly affected me and my faith. Construction (or should I say demolition) on the church is still going strong. Tom and I have been tearing up concrete floors this past week with sledgehammers and pick-axes, with the occasional help from a jack hammer. I can definitely feel the muscles building in my body, it's great. We have been hanging out every once in a while with some really cool people we have met on the trains who are our age. It has been great to connect with the locals.

Friday, July 04, 2008



Yesterday was our 26th anniversary. It also marked another celebration we will remember in years to come. We became United States citizens.

We have been the U.S. now for just over six years and since we have made it our home we decided to commit more to our presence and enter fully into the political process. For those of you worried that we have become traitors, at heart we will always be Canadians and yesterday's ceremony did nothing to change that. We retain our Canadian citizenship and have the advantage of dual status. (As a side note, you may find it interesting to know that I wore my Canadian underwear to yesterday's ceremony!)

We were fortunate to participate in a special naturalization ceremony for 518 people from 42 countries. Normally they only swear in 30-40 at a time in Yakima, but with the recent surge in applications they went all out, hosting the event in the classy Capitol Theatre downtown. It featured pomp and ceremony, speeches by politicians, videos, and cake afterward in the 96 degree (36 C) temperature on the street in front of the theatre.

Immediately after the ceremony we rushed to the passport office to submit our applications. We are also registering to vote so that we can make our impact in this fall's elections!

Here are a couple of pictures. The second one was actually on the cover page of the Yakima Herald Republic newspaper (you should be able to see us). You can see our complete collection of pictures at this LINK.


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